This amp model is based on modded Vox AC-10 SRT, which is very rare amp. Vox launched that model in mid sixties, but discontinued it`s production after a few hundred amps. It`s sound differs completely from other Vox models having originally only Volume and Tone controls. Our version has following modifications/improvements compared to original version:

  • 2x6V6GT power tubes instead of original 2xEL84 tubes giving some 8-10 W output power
  • Low cut switch, which is useful when playing with distorted sounds
  • Improved spring reverb with footswitch control
  • Our own bias modulated tremolo effect with footswitch control
  • Master Volume
  • Our Variac style 3 step OPC (Output Power Control), which reduces output power even to 1 W without altering amp sound

With these features above,  it is easy to dial all kind of sounds from clean and semi dirty to heavily cranked distortion even in bed room levels. However this amp is pretty critical with speaker elements. So far we have achieved the best results with Celestion Greenback style speakers in a closed cabinet.

Amp weight and cabinet dimension for a head model:
Weight 8-9 kg
Cabinet dimensions: W=43,5 cm, H=43,0 cm, D=20,0 cm

– Head cabinet with normal tolex 1500 €
– Combo version

In this case, please ask an offer. Combo price will partly depend on speaker element

– Buffered tube effect loop with Send level and a footswitch 120 €
– Adjustable Line Out with xlr connector 100 €
– Plastic dust cover for head cabinet 50 €

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.
Sound clip: