The amp in the picture is Bluetone Crossroad Head. It is a true 3-channel full tube amplifier with three individual preamp channels which can be selected with a footswitch. Clean channel is similar with Bluetone Dusty Road and is based on Fender Deluxe/Twin world. Crunch channel is similar to Dusty Road and is based on Marshall JCM800/2204 world with improvements and modifications. Lead channel is based on Soldano SLO100 with my own modifications. This channel gives tons of distortion from old school sounds to modern heavy sounds. All preamp channels use ECC83/12AX7 tubes.

This amp has also a buffered tube effect loop with Send level and footswitch. Loop works also with floor effect pedals.

Power amp is based on Marshall/Soldano world giving some 20-60 W output power depending on power tubes. It can be equipped with any octal tubes like 6V6GT, EL34, 6L6GC, KT66, KT88 etc. There is an external bias point which makes power tube changes easy especially when using Bluetone Bias Rate meter. This amp can be equipped with a, PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume), VVR (Dynamic output power control) etc.

This amp can be equipped with a 2+2 power amp with individual ppimv master volumes for each pair of power tubes. Power tube pairs will change automatically when preamp channel will be changed. You can steer for example lead and crunch channels to the other pair of power tubes, and clean channel to the other pair of power tubes.

Customized combinations
Bluetone Crossroad has a modular technical structure which gives possibilities to create different preamp and power amp combinations. Amp could consist one Vox world module, one Fender world module and one Marshall world module in preamp section. Power amp can also be built with 4xEL84 tubes, 4x6V6GT tubes etc.


– Cabinet with normal tolex and 2x6V6GT/6L6GC/EL34 tubes 2450 €
– Cabinet with normal tolex and 4x6V6GT/6L6GC/EL34 tubes 2650 €

– 2+2 power amp 250 €
– PPIMV Master Volume included to normal price
– Adjustable Line Out with xlr connector 100 €
Bluetone Bias Rate meter 150 €
Bluetone Auto Bias Control system for power tubes biasing and control (includes meter) 220 €
This bias meter replaces Bluetone Bias Rate meter. It controls and adjusts power tube biases automatically. It also shows with led indicators if power tubes are working. With ABC you can use unmatched power tubes.
– Plastic dust cover 50 €

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.

Sound Clips

All clips were played by a professional guitarist Vesa Kääpä. The cabinet was Marshall 4×12″ slant with Celestion Greenpack Heritage speakers. Guitar was a Fender Custom Stratocaster with single coil pick ups.