This medium-size all-valve amplifier suits well from bed room level to club venues, as well as studio and recording use. Its technical architecture is based on three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four cathode biased EL84 power tubes in push pull configuration. Its preamp topology is based on a modded JMP/Plexi Marshall. The rest of amp is based completely on our own design.

This all-tube amp weights only 6,5 kg and puts out some 2-20 W audio power depending the amount of distortion and OPC position. The amp contains two volume controls Normal and Bright, which are internally jumpered, Treble, Middle, Bass tone stack, Presence, PPIMV Master Volume and a 3-step OPC output power control, which reduces output power from 2-20 W without altering the amp’s sound. With these controls you can easily dial all kind of Marshallish overdrive/distortion lead sounds without disturbing your neighbors. There is also an unbalanced Line Out with internal Dummy Load. With them silent recording is easy.


Plexi 20 Head
– Cabinet with normal tolex covering 1350 €

– Buffered effect loop included to price
– Adjustable unbalanced Line Out with jack-connector and Dummy Load included to price

– Cabin dust cover 50 €

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