Many players really like the sound of fully cranked Plexi Marshall. In this case sound pressure is too much for many present gigging places. Our goal is to maintain that legendary plexi sound, but keep sound pressure in acceptable level.  Our new Plexi 25 is an answer for that.  It suits very well to all playing situations from bedroom to clubs.  It`s  preamp topology is based on modded plexi Marshall and rest completely to our own design.

This amp puts out some 5-30 watts audio power depending on OPC (Output Power Control) position and the amount of distortion. Amp contains two volume controls Normal and Bright, which are internally jumpered, Treble, Middle, Bass tone stack, Master Volume and a 3 step OPC output power control, which reduces output power from 30 W even to 4-5 W without altering amp sound.  When we were planning this amp, our aim was to get world class singing lead sounds without ear crushing volume level.

You can use all normal power tubes like 2xEL34, 6L6GC, 5881, KT66 with this amp, but not 6V6GT tubes. Power tubes DO NOT need biasing when they are changed. 

In Plexi 25 Custom you can use either 4x6V6GT tubes, or 2xEL34, 6L6GC, 5881, KT66, KT77. Power tubes DO NOT need biasing when they are changed. 

Amp cabinet is made of very light weight Paulownia timber. Amp total weight is only 8,9 kg (Custom model 9,2 kg). Head cabinet dimensions: L=66 cm, D=21 cm, H=23 cm.

Plexi 25 Head with 2xEL34 power tubes
– Cabinet with normal tolex covering 1650 €

Plexi 25 Custom Head with solo boost and 4x6V6GT power tubes

– Cabinet with normal tolex covering 1850

– Buffered, adjustable effect loop included to price

-Spring reverb with a foot switch 250 €
– Adjustable unbalanced Line Out with jack or xlr-connector 100 €
– Cabin dust cover 50 €

Plexi 25 Combo with a 1×12″ speaker
You can have this amp also as a combo version. It`s price depends on speaker element. If you are interested in of a combo model, please ask an offer.

All prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.

Look at the low weight of this head!

And the cabinet isn’t much heavier either!