Tube preamp is a true 3 channel 2U rack mounted amp with balanced outputs. It`s all functions like channel changing etc. are midi controlled either with front panel switches or floor pedal. This preamp has a modular architecture, which gives opportunities to build a customized entity according your needs. There are also balanced outputs with parallel xlr and jack connectors. It`s nominal output level is +4 dbV.

In 2U rack cabinet there is room for three different preamp modules, one effect like Overdrive, Solo boost or Tremolo and buffered effects loop. Spring reverb is not possible because of space limitations. When choosing modules, you can use our Bluetone Designer as a planning tool All those modules have descriptions of their character and functions. If you need other kind of modules, please ask us if we can provide it. After choosing all need components, you can ask us an offer concerning chosen entity.