This amp model is based on modified Ampeg M-12 circuit, which is not so common tube amp model in the market. Our version has several improvements compared to the original model. These improvements are Low Cut switch, Brigh switch, spring reverb, PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume)and our Variac style 3-step output power control OPC. Power amp accepts only 6V6GT power tubes. There is no need to bias tubes when changing them. The output power is 15 W.  With PPIMV and OPC  you can also have power amp distortion at very low sound levels.  You can have this combo amp with a 10″/70 W WGS G10 C/S speaker or a 10″/20 W WGS Veteran element as you like.

Amp weight and cabinet dimensions

1×10″ combo with WGS Veteran speaker 8,5 kg

1×10″ combo with WGS G-10 C/S speaker 9,2 kg

Cabinet dimensions: W=40,6 cm, H=42,0 cm, D=19,2 cm/up, 24,0 cm/down


Combo version

– Cabinet with normal tolex and with 10″ WGS Veteran speaker 1340 €

– Cabinet with normal tolex and with 10″ WGS G-10 C/S speaker 1440 €

Head version

– Cabinet with normal tolex 1240 €


– Buffered effect loop with Send level and foot switch 120 €
– Plastic dust cover for cabin for combo 60 €, head version 50 €

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.