This amp model is based on a pretty heavily modified Fender Vibro King amp, which is a pretty rare Fender model. Original amp was in 3×10″ combo format and was manufactured pretty short time some 20 years ago. Our version has several improvements compared to the original model. These improvements are an improved spring reverb, a bias modulated tremolo effect, an adjustable clean/solo boost, PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) and a flexible power amp, which accepts all normal octal power tubes like 6V6GT,6L6GC, 5881, EL34, KT66 and KT77 tubes without re-biasing. The output power is 14-15 W with 2x6V6GT and 28-30 W with 2x6L6GC/EL34. With PPIMV  you can also have power amp distortion at lower sound levels. Reverb, tremolo and solo boost will be switched on with a 3-button foot switch. There is also an adjustable Line Out with internal Dummy Load for silent recording.

This combo amp is equipped with a 2×10″ 20 W WGS Veteran speaker elements. Yuo can have this amp also with different speaker elements if needed.


Amp weight and cabinet dimensions

2×10″ combo with WGS Veteran speakers 13,7 kg


– Cabinet with normal tolex and 2×10″ WGS Veteran speakers 1990 €

Head version

– Cabinet with normal tolex 1790 €


– Adjustable Line Out with stereo jack and internal Dummy Load included to price
– Plastic dust cover for cabin included to price

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.