We manufacture different speakers according our own Bluetone cabinet models and according customer`s individual needs. 1×10″ Bluetone Slanted speaker has a WGS (An american boutique-speaker element manufacturer Warehouse Guitar Speakers) 10″ 20 W ceramic WGS Veteran-element. The other alternative is 75 W WGS G10A Alnico speaker. Speaker cabin total power handling is 20 W/75 W. Speaker rear wall is partly open. However, it can be closed complitely with an extra piece of tolexed plywood (this is included to price when buying a cabin).

You can decide yourself what tolex, grille cloth and cabin corners you want.

Technical information:
– Speaker element WGS Veteran 20 W/8 0hm, or WGS Veteran 20W/16 0hm.
– Speaker element WGS G10A 75 W/8 0hm, or WGS G10A 75W/16 0hm.
– Cabinet dimensions: Height = 45 cm, Width = 45 cm, Depth= 25 cm.


– Cabinet with normal tolex and WGS Veteran 20 W element 470 €
– Cabinet with normal tolex and WGS G10A Alnico 75 W element 580 €


– You can have this cabinet also with different 10″ speaker elements. In this case ask an offer of it.
– Cabinet dust cover + 50 €
– Parallel input jack + 30 €
– Front baffel piping +50 €

These prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.