This amp model is based on slightly modified Gibson EH-185 from thirties. Original versions are pretty hard to find and they normally are in bad condition due to their age, which can be over 80 years. This amp has two channels with own Volume controls and a common Tone control for both channels.

Our version has some improvements compared to the original model. These improvements are a High-Low switch in Mic-channel, a spring reverb and a circuit, which emulates original Field Coil speaker behaviour. Power amp accepts most octal power tubes like 6L6GC, 5881, EL34, KT66 and KT77 tubes without re-biasing. Output power is 15 with 2x6L6GC/EL34.  This combo amp is equipped with a 12″/50 W WGS Black Hawk alnico speaker. The cabinet is made of light weight Paulownia speaker.

Amp weight and cabinet dimensions

1×12″ combo with WGS Black Hawk alnico speaker 18,9 kg

1×12″ combo cabinet dimensions: W=47,6 cm, H=58,0 cm, D=30,0 cm


– Cabinet with normal tolex and with 12″ WGS Black Hawk alnico speaker 2150 €

– Cabinet with stained and laquered tweed fabric and WGS Black Hawk alnico speaker 2450 €


– Plastic dust cover for cabin included to price

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.