Bluetone Load Box is a 8 ohm 100 W multi purpose reactive and passive attenuator for live use or recording etc. This box has following features:

  • Scalable 100 W reactive dummy load with -12 dB, -15 dB and -20 dB and Off  steps to reduce amp output power even to total silence.
  • Speaker Through jack, which is parallel with speaker in jack. This works also with 4 ohm speaker output from amplifier.
  • Speaker Out jack for attenuated guitar signal.
  • Analog Cabinet Simulator for 1×12″ and 4×12″ speaker cabinets and Off- position to bypass simulation circuits.
  • Balanced adjustable Line Out with a jack connector.
  • Dry – PA/Rec switch to tailor line out signal frequency.
  • Adjustable Headphones Out to listen signal with headphones.

This box does not need any external power to work. Device has normal 10 years Blutone warranty.

Load Box price is 370 € including 1,5 m speaker cable with plug connectors (24 % VAT included).

A jack – XLR adapter to convert connector format + 20 €.


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