This amp’s clean preamp channel is based on modified Fender Blackface world.  The crunch preamp channel is based on modified Marshall JCM800. Power amp and other parts of this amp are based on our own planning. Preamp contains two independent channels with own volume and tone controls. Different channels can be selected with a foot pedal. Both preamps are equipped with 12AX7-tubes.

Power amp accepts all general octal tubes like 6V6GT, EL34, 6L6GC, 5881, KT66 and KT77. There is no need to bias power tubes when changing them. Output power is some 15 W with 2x6V6GT tubes and 25-30 W with other tubes.

This amp can be equipped with a 2+2 power amp with individual ppimv master volumes for each pair of power tubes and preamp channels. Power tube pairs will change automatically when preamp channel will be changed.

Own PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) for each preamp channel, a buffered effects loop and adjustable Line Out with internal Dummy Load are included to normal price.

Amp weight

We build all our amp and speaker cabinets of lightweight Paulownia. It is very good material for this purpose.

Head with two power tubes 9-10 kg, head with four power tubes 11-12 kg

Combo with two power tubes 11-13 kg, combo with four power tubes 14-15 kg


Dusty Road Head
– Cabinet with normal tolex and 2x6V6GT/2x6L6GC/2xEL34 1800 €

Dusty Road Combo
– Cabinet with normal tolex, 1×12″ WGS Black Hawk alnico speaker and 2x6V6GT/2x6L6GC/2xEL34 2050 €

You can have this combo also with different speakers. In this case, ask an offer.

– 2+2 power amp + 250 €
– PPIMV (=Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) included to normal price
– An adjustable, buffered effects loop is included to normal price
– Spring reverb + 250 €
– Tremolo + 100 €
– Adjustable Line Out with internal Dummy Load and jack connector included to normal price
– Plastic dust cover Head 50 € Combo 60 €

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.

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