When designing the Dragon 15, our goal was to create a medium power, modern 2-channel full tube amp capable to go from clean Plexi Marshall to hot rodded Marshall world for modern metal, where tight distortion structure is in important role. When playing fast distorted notes, amp sound should not be muddy and too soft. Amp circuit is based on modified plexi Marshall and our own planning, where one can see and hear our long experience in tube amp designing. This model has a 15 W cathode bias power amp, which accepts only 6V6GT power tubes. Amp also contains a buffered and adjustable effects loop and two Boost switches in crunch channel to tailor amp distortion character when needed. Both channels also contain their own ppimv (Post phase inverter master volume).

In this amp power tubes need no biasing when they are changed.

Amp total weight is only 7,7 kg. Head cabinet dimensions: W=52 cm, D=21 cm, H=25 cm.


• Dragon 15 Head

– Cabinet with normal tolex covering 1650 €



– Buffered, adjustable effect loop included in price

– Spring reverb with a foot switch 250 €

– Adjustable balanced Line Out with jack connector 100 €

– Cabinet dust cover 50 €

All prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notification.