Bluetone Amps manufactures different kind of speaker cabinets according our own vision and individual customer needs. 4×10″ Bluetone Slanted speaker cabinet in pictures includes 4×10″ WGS Green Beret 25 W elements. This speaker cabinet total power handling is 100 W.

4×10 speaker cabinet is vertical and slanted model, which helps guitar player to hear his own playing easier than with traditional cabinets. Cabinet back wall has been built of three pieces, which gives possibility to keep it semi open or totally closed. Cabinet is equipped with wheels of which 2 can be locked.


– Speaker elements 4xWGS Green Beret 25 W 8 ohm, total power handling 100 W, total impedance 8 ohm.
– Cabinet dimensions: Height with wheels = 74 cm, Width= 63 cm, Depth = from bottom 30 cm, from top 24,5 cm.


– Cabinet with normal tolex and 4xWGS Green Beret speakers 1330 €


– You can have this speaker also equipped with different speaker elements. In this case, please ask a separate offer of it.
-Cabinet dust cover 70 €
-Extra parallel input jack + 30 €
-Front baffel piping + 50 €