This tube amp is based on modified Vox AC-30 preamp with our own power amp. It has not so usual 4 x EL91 NOS power tubes providing some 2-10 W output power depending on the OPC (Output Power Control) switch position. These tubes are good sounding, pretty cheap and still easy to buy. The amp pictured has a 1×10″ WGS Veteran speaker, a spring reverb, a negative feedback (NFB) switch, a ppimv master volume and a three-position output power control OPC.

When planning this amp, one goal was to make an amp which is much smaller and lighter than original, while maintaining it’s legendary big sound. Amp cab dimensions are W=40,6 cm H=42 cm D=24 cm and weight only 7,8 kg. With PPIMV Master Volume and OPC you can easily get power amp distortion even with bed room levels.


– Combo version with normal tolex, 1×10″ 20 W WGS Veteran speaker 1450 €
– Combo version with normal tolex, 1×10″ Celestion Gold alnico speaker 1650 €
– Head version with normal tolex 1300 €

If you want tweed covering or a hardwood cabinet, please ask for an offer.

Features which are included to normal price

– PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume)
– A Spring reverb
– NFB switch
– OPC (output power control)


– Adjustable Line Out with jack connector 100 €
– Plastic dust cover 60 €

These prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.