Bluetone Fried Eye is a true 2 channel full tube amplifier containing a bunch of our innovations. It has a world class Marshallish crunch channel, a proven Fender black face world clean channel, own ppimv master volumes for each channel and 2+2 power amp with individual power tubes for each channel or a 25 W power amp as an alternative.  In 2+2 version power tubes will change automatically when preamp channel is switched.

Clean-channel is based on modded Fender Twin/Deluxe-world. This very same preamp channel you also find in Bluetone Dusty Road. This channel contains Volume, Low-/High-switch, Bright-switch, Treble, Middle ja Bass controls. Clean channel is very warm sounding producing Fenderish clean sound palette. With it`s own ppimv master volume, you can drive also this channel into heavy distortion when needed. High-Low-switch is useful when playing with humbucer pick ups and trying to keep sound as clean as possible.

Crunch-channel is based on heavily modded Marshall-world. It contains Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Master-knobs and a Boost-switch, which adds more distortion. Moreover there are also Bite and Fat switches, which are helpful when tailoring different sounds. With all these possibilitites, this channel goes from shimmering cleans to heavily distorted EVH style lead sounds.

Power amp alternatives.

The other option is to have 2+2 power amp, which is equipped with two individual pairs of power tubes. They change automatically when preamp channels is changed. You can use all normal octal power tubes like 6V6GT, 6L6GC, 5881, EL34, KT66 etc. Tubes should be biased when changing them. It is very easy especially when using Bluetone Bias Rate meter. Output power depends on power tube model from 20 to 40 watts.

The other option is 25 W cathode biased power amp with two power tubes, which are common to both preamp channels. In this case you can use EL34, 6L6GC, 5881 and KT66 power tubes. Power tubes do not need biasing when changing them.

All preamp stages and effect loop use 12AX7/ECC83 tubes. Power supply rectifier has been done with diodes.

This amp has a built in buffered effects loop, which can also be used as a clean boost when there are no effects connected.

You can have a built in OPC (Output Power Control), which is a variac type solution (adjusts tubes voltages and output power) as an extra feature. OPC does not alter amp sound  and power supply behaviour like VVR.

This amp is available as a head or a combo model. It can be covered with normal tolex, laquered tweed or with oiled hardwood cabinet.

Amplifier weight

2+2 Head version appr. 15 kg. 25 W power amp version 8 kg. Combo version appr. 15-20 kg depending on speaker elements.

Price list

Fried Eye 2+2 Head
– With normal tolex 1700 €
– With laquered tweed 1850 €
– With oiled hardwood cabinet 2050 €

Fried Eye 25 W Head
– With normal tolex 1500
– With laquered tweed 1650
– With oiled hardwood cabinet 1850

Fried Eye 2+2 Combo
– With normal tolex and Celestion Neo G-12 speaker 1900 €
– With laquered tweed and Celestion Neo G-12 speaker 2050 €
– With oiled hardwood cabinet and Celestion Neo G-12 speaker 2250 €

Fried Eye 25 W Combo
– With normal tolex and Celestion Neo G-12 speaker 1700 €
– With laquered tweed and Celestion Neo G-12 speaker 1850 €
– With oiled hardwood cabinet and Celestion Neo G-12 speaker 2050 €


– OPC (output power and power amp compression control) 150 €
– Adjustable Solo Boost with footswitch  120 €
– Spring reverb 250 €
– Tremolo 120 €
– Adjustable, unbalanced Line Out with a jack or xlr-connector 80 €
Bluetone Bias Rate meter 120 € when buying amp, othewise 150 € (2+2 version only)
Bluetone Wireless Bias Control  WBC for power tubes control and biasing (including meter) 180 € (2+2 version only)

WBC adjusts and controls power tubes biases automatically. There are led lights besides power tubes showing each tube condition. With WBC you can use unmatched power tubes and save money.
– Cabinet dust cover for head 50 €
– Cabinet dust cover for combo 60

All prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.

Sound samples

Here is one clip of our demo amplifier. It is a one channel amp without boost stage in crunch channel and without clean channel. More clips will be added later.