Amongst our standard amp models we have developed Bluetone Modular (TM) web tool, which helps you to plan your own dream amplifier. You can select your favourite modules and create your custom amp. You can test different module combinations freely before decision making. Each module contains also price. That way you see what the total cost of your dream amp will be.  All modules are electronically compatible, thus you can select any module combination.

You can choose different style preamp modules from 1 to 3,  but only one power amp module. If you want several modules and effects, it will increase cabinet size.

The smallest amp contains following modules:

One preamp module+one power amp module+cabinet=Fully working amplifier

A bigger entity can contain following modules:

Clean preamp module+Crunch preamp module+Lead preamp module+channel switching module+effects loop module+reverb module+tremolo module+solo boost module+power amp module+cabinet. In this case there can be too many modules even for our biggest cabinet.

We have named these modular amplifiers as Bluetone Custom

You can also name your amp according your own wishes. In this case name can be for example Bluetone JS Custom according your name initials, or Bluetone Surviver Custom. These are only fictive examples.

Each preamp module will be named in amp face plate so that everybody knows what kind of circuit it contains (black face, brownie etc.).

Tool calculates the number and size of each module. If you choose too small cabinet, tool informs you that you have to choose bigger cabinet or reduce the number of modules. With our tool you can also decide what tolex, grill cloth, knobs, face plates, handles and cabinet protection corners you want.  If they are not enough, you can always ask a separate offer from us for a more customized combination. Pictures and descriptions of customized amplifiers can be found in our web pages.

With each module there is also a link to a sound clip, which describes how that particular module sounds. Anyhow an amp is a combination of many modules. That is why these sound clips are more as guide lines to how each module sounds.

When you have chosen and ordered your amp, we will send to you an order confirmation. When you have paid prepayment (appr. 30 % of total price), we start your Bluetone project. Building time is between 1-3 months depending on amount of orders. When your amp is ready, we will send to you an invoice before we send amp to you. These module prices do not include cargo costs.

Ordering process:

Click link in this page and you get to tool page  

Choose your favourite combination of modules and cabinet

Fill ordering form with needed information

Push button and your order is on the way to us

After recieving your order, we will send an order confirmation to you

Your Bluetone project will start after your prepayment