Bluetone Tweed Twin is based on Fender Tweed Era “low power” Twin 5E8-A-model with some  Bluetone modifications. These are a spring reverb, ppimv master volume and an external biasing point for power tubes.

This combo has one 12″ 60 W WGS Retro and one 12″ 25 W WGS Green Beret speaker. Total power handling is appr. 50 W and total impedance 8 ohm.

Price list

– Combo cabinet with normal tolex and WGS Retro+Green Beret speakers 1900 €
– Combo cabinet with laquered tweed and WGS Retro+Green Beret speakers 2100 €
– Combo cabinet of real, oiled hard wood (mahogany) and WGS Retro+Green Beret speakers 2250 €

– Tremolo 120 €
– An adjustable, unbalanced Line Out with jack or xlr connector 80 €
– Adjustable, buffered effects loop + 100 €
– Cabinet dust cover 70 €

These prices include 24 VAT and are subject to change without notice.

Finnish top guitarist Tuomas Wäinölä demoed the Tweed Twin: