This tube head`s  preamp channel has a shimmering and sparkling sound which is very flexible and similar to traditional world famous tube guitar amps sounds from old Fender and Vox worlds to crunchy old Marshall sounds.

When designing this amp, one goal was to create a “big” sounding, but physically small and lightweight full tube guitar amp. Combo version size is W=44 cm, H= 44 cm, D= 20 cm. It weights 9 kg.

Amp contains all necessary knobs including Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and PPIMV Master Volume + a High-/Low -switch to adjust different guitar pick ups output with preamp when needed. Preamp and phase shifter are equipped with 12AX7-tubes. Power amp is based on cathode biased configuration with two 6V6GT-tubes giving some 12-15 W output power. This amp accepts only 6V6GT power tubes. There is no need to rebias power tubes when replacing them due to cathode bias configuration.

This amp can be equipped with effect loop, VVR, spring reverb and tremolo. You can ask an offer from us for your personal Bluetone Stalker combination.


Stalker Head
– Cabin with normal tolex 1000 €
– Cabin with laquered tweed 1100 €
– Cabin of oiled, solid mahogany cabin 1250 €

PPIMV Master Volume is included to normal price.

Stalker Combo
– Cabin with normal tolex with 10″ 20 W WGS Veteran speaker 1200 €
– Cabin with laquered tweed with 10″ 20 W WGS Veteran speaker 1300 €
– Cabin of oiled mahogany with 10″ 20 W WGS Veteran speaker 1450 €

PPIMV Master Volume is included to normal price. You can have this amp also with some different 10″ speaker element. In this case, please ask an offer.

– PPIMV included to standard price

– One tube spring reverb with short tank and a footswitch 200 €

– Buffered tube effect loop with send level and a footswitch 100 €

– VVR (dynamic output power control) 80 €
– Tremolo 120 €
– Adjustable Line Out with xlr connector 80 €
– Plastic dust cover 60 €

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.