We also do services to traditional tube amps when needed. If there is a need to replace tubes to an old amp, it is also possible that power supply capacitors have to be replaced. When servicing amps we always do general overlook to the whole amp to ensure that everything is working. If there is need for a larger service, we will contact customer before doing anything. Our service charge is 60 €/hour (includes 24 % VAT)+spare parts.

Official qualifications for amp services

When servicing and modifying amps in Finland, you need an official qualification for that work. Our company has all official qualifications to do that work. We also follow all Finnish and EU-level demands related to this matter when working with amps.


Here are some examples of modifications that I have made to different amplifiers.

Silver Face Fender to Black Face
Many Silver Face owners have heard that his amp can be modified to Black Face with reasonable costs and efforts. Modification improves amps dynamics and distortion character. Price of this mod is 100 €.

Marshall JCM800/2203 + 2204
This amp has a legendary reputation in many rock bands and records. It is a good amp for hard rock etc. but it can also be improved with modifications. Bluetone Dusty Road Crunch-channel is based on this amp and is an improved version of it. The price of modification is 150 €.

Power Scaling/VVR
Many times there is a problem that you have a very powerful amp, but there is no way to get power amp distortion out of it without heavy sound pressure. Here are some examples how to make it.

Master Volume
There are a lot of powerful tube amps without any Master Volume. One solution is PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume), which means that it is assembled after phase inverter tube. This way you get also this tube distortion with reasonable sound levels. The price of this modification is 90 €.

With PPIMV it is good to use also VVR (Variable Voltage Regulator), which means a way to adjust power amp output level dynamically. VVR is connected to amp power supply and it does not work in signal chain. With VVR you can adjust output level from full power to even bed room level.

In high gain amps VVR works best with PPIMV, which prevents power amp overload when power tube plate voltage and output level is very low.

Fixed bias amps (Marshall etc.) need their own VVR circuit and cathode bias amps (Vox AC30 etc.) need their own due to different technical architectures. At the moment VVR can be only used in amps with maximum 50 W output power.

The price of fixed bias VVR is 170 € and cathode bias 90 €.

All prices include 24 % VAT.

Other modifications

We also do other modifications when needed. In this case you can ask an offer of them.