This amp in mainly based on early sixties 1×15″ “brown face” Fender Pro 6G5-A Combo with our own mods and improvements. These mods are: one input channel, spring tube reverb, ppimv master volume and an external bias point for power tubes biasing. Amp also includes a bias vary tremolo. Power amp has 2x6L6GC tubes giving some 40-50 W output power. You can use all normal octal power tubes like 6V6GT, 6L6GC, EL34, KT66, KT88/6550 etc. in this amp. In this case output power varies between 20-50 W depending tube model. Power tubes biasing is extremely easy with a Bluetone Bias Rate meter.

This combo is equipped with a 15″ 50 W/8 ohm Jensen P15N alnico speaker. You can also have some other speaker if needed or amp as a Head version. In this case please, ask an offer.

Cabinet dimensions and weight

Cabinet dimensions with Jensen P15N speaker. W=56,5 cm H=57,0 cm  D=28,5 cm (bottom)

Weight with Jensen P15N speaker under 25 kg.


– Cabin with normal tolex and Jensen P15N alnico speaker 1850 €
– Cabin with laquered tweed and Jensen P15n alnico speaker 1900 €
– Cabin of oiled, solid mahogany and Jensen P15N alnico speaker 2100 €

– PPIMV included in normal price
– Tube spring reverb with a footswitch is included in normal price
– Bias modulated tremolo with a footswitch is included in normal price
– VVR (Dynamic power scale) to control output power 150 €
– 3 position Variac to control output power and distortion 150 €
– Buffered tube effect loop with send level and footswitch 100 €
-Adjustable Line Out with xlr connector 80 €
Bluetone Bias Rate meter 120 € when purchased with the amp, otherwise 150 €

Bluetone Auto Bias Control system for power tubes biasing and control (includes meter) 180 €
This bias meter replaces Bluetone Bias Rate meter. It controls and adjusts power tube biases automatically. It also shows with led indicators if power tubes are working. With ABC you can use unmatched power tubes.
– Plastic dust cover 70 €

Prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.