This tube amp is based on our own design. It is a medium gain amp with a lot of features, which make it ideal amp from bedroom level to clubs. It has 2x6L6GC power tubes providing some 8-20 W output power depending OPC (Output Power Control) switch position. This amp has a cathode biased power amp, which accepts also 6V6GT power tubes without adjustments. In this case output power is 5-15 W depending OPC position.

Amp cab dimensions are W=42 cm H=24 cm D=21 cm and weight only 8 kg. With PPIMV Master Volume and OPC you can easily get power amp distortion even with bed room levels.


– Head version with normal tolex 1200 €
– Head version with laquered tweed 1300 €
– Head version of oiled hard wood 1450 €

Features which are included to normal price

– PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume)
– OPC (Output Power Control)

– A buffered effects loop + 100 €
– Spring reverb + 200 €
– Tremolo + 120 €
– An adjustable, unbalanced Line Out + 80 €
– Plastic dust cover + 50 €


These prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.

Sound clips will be added soon.