This Bluetone model is mainly based on Gibson GA-8 schematics from fifties added with our own innovations. It includes High and Low inputs, Volume and Tone knobs, a 3-position output power control OPC and a 3-position NFB-Off-Boost switch. OPC reduces amp output power from maximum 8-10 W even to 2-3 W without altering it`s sound. NFB position cleans output and Boost position adds distortion with lower volumes. A spring reverb and a buffered effect loop can be purchased as an option.  This amp has a double single ended power amp, which accepts only 6V6GT power tubes. There is no need to bias power tubes when changing them. Amp combo version weights with 1×12″ Celestion Blue alnico speaker some 10-12 kg.


Ghost Head
– With normal tolex cabin 1200 €
– With laquered tweed 1300 €
– With oiled hardwood cabin 1400 €
Ghost Combo
– With normal tolex cabin and 1×12″ 15 W Celestion Blue alnico speaker 1490 €
– With laquered tweed and 1×12″ 15 W Celestion Blue alnico speaker 1590 €
– With oiled hardwood cabin and 1×12″ 15 W Celestion Blue alnico speaker 1690 €
– Tube spring reverb 200 €
– Buffered effect loop with adjustable send level 100 €
– Adjustable unbalanced Line Out with xlr-/jack connector 80 €
– Plastic cabin dust cover Head 50 € Combo 60 €

All prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.

Finnish guitarist Kai Järvinen takes the Bluetone Ghost for a spin: