Bluetone Extreme 5 is a good choice for a guitarist who seeks world class guitar sounds with lower output power for home or studio work. This amp main idea is based on legendary Trainwreck Express, which has been praised as one of the best guitar amps in the world.

Extreme 5 contains some our own Bluetone modifications like 2xEL91-power amp, PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) and 3-step Variac style OPC (Output Power Control) to control amp output power and distortion from 0,8 W to 4-5 W. Because this amp is extremely dynamic, you can change guitar sound from shimmering cleans to roaring, distorted lead sounds only with guitar volume pot. Two foot switchable master volumes give more possibilities to get killer sounds from rhythm to lead playing purposes.

Power amp is based partly on Trainwreck Express and is partly own design. It has 2xEL91-power tubes, which produce some 4-5 W output power. There is no need to bias power tubes when changing them.

Can you use effect loop in Extreme 5 ?

Many people ask if it is possible to have that kind of add on to Extreme. It is technically possible, and that is why we added our buffered effects loop also to this amp. Anyhow, bear in mind that the biggest part of this amp distortion comes from power amp. That is why it is better to test effects also between guitar and amp input to ensure that they work properly. Our effect loop can also be used as a Clean Solo boost when there are no effects connected.


Extreme 5 Head with normal tolex 970 €
Extreme 5 Head with laquered tweed 1070 €
Extreme 5 Head with oiled hardwood 1170 €

– Buffered effect loop included to basic price
– Adjustable, unbalanced Line Out with jack/xlr-connector + 80 €
– Cabinet dust cover +50 €

These prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.

Sound clips

Clips will be added later.