Bluetone Bugaboo is a true modern 2 channel full tube guitar amp. It`s built using point-to-point-technology which is robust and easy to maintain. This amp has independent tone stacks for each channel. Channel and effect loop switching is operated with a footswitch. This amp was created to meet traditional rock and modern metal playing style demands.

Clean preamp is based on modified Fender-world. It consists Volume, Low-/High-switch, Treble, Middle, Bass and Master Volume knobs. This channel is very warm sounding creating wonderful Fender-world clean sounds. Due to it`s own Master Volume, you can also have distortion sounds out of this channel.

Crunch preamp is based on our own planning and technology. It consists Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Master knobs. Moreover it has several knobs and switches to create all kind of distortion sounds from old school to modern scooped metal. These knobs and switches are: Bite, Freeze, Tomb, Treble Shift and Raw switch, Raw knob.

Bite knob adds or decreases bite in the beginning of signal chain. It replaces normal overdrive pedals.

Freeze changes second preamp tube bias hotter or colder, which changes this stage distortion charater.

Tomb adds thickness to low frequencies.

Treble Shift changes high frequencies range.

Raw switch adds one gain stage to preamp. Raw knob adjusts last preamp stage gain and distortion character.

Effects loop: Amp has a buffered effect loop with send level and footswitch. This loop can be used also as a clean boost when there are not effects connected. Front panel switching is an option.

All preamp tubes, effect loop and phase inverter tubes are 12AX7/ECC83.

Power amp accepts all normal octal power tubes like 2x6V6GT, 2x6L6GC, 2xEL34, 2xKT88 etc. In this case amp output power depends on tube model and can vary from 20 to 60 watts. A 4x6V6GT/6L6GC/EL34/6550 version with a half power switch is an option. Power tubes should be biased when they are replaced. Biasing is fast and easy with amp bias point and a Bluetone Bias Rate meter. Power amp consists following knobs: PPIMV Master Volume (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume, which creates power amp distortion also with lower sound pressure levels), Presence, Resonance.

This amp can be equipped with a 2+2 power amp with individual ppimv master volumes for each pair of power tubes. Power tube pairs will change automatically when preamp channel will be changed.

You can have this amp either as a head or a combo version with normal tolex or tweed or with a hard wood cabin. Combo version price depends on speaker elements. In this case you can ask a dedicated offer.

Sound clips will be added in near future.

Price list

Bugaboo Head
– Normal tolex with 2x6V6GT/6L6GC/EL34-power tubes 1800 €
– Laquered tweed with 2x6V6GT, 2x6L6GC, 2xEL34 1900 €
– Oiled hard wood cabinet with 2x6V6GT/6L6GC/EL34-power tubes 2050 €
– Normal tolex with half power switch and 4x6V6GT/EL34/6L6GC/6550 power tubes 2000 €
– Laquered tweed with half power switch and 4x6V6GT/EL34/6L6GC/6550 power tubes 2100 €
– Oiled hard wood cabinet with half power switch and 4x6V6GT/EL34/6L6GC/6550 power tubes 2250 €
Effect loop and PPIMV Master Volume are included to normal prices.

– 2+2 power amp 220 €
Bluetone Bias Rate meter 120 € when purchasing amp, otherwise 150 €
Bluetone Auto Bias Control system for power tubes biasing and control (includes meter) 180 €
This bias meter replaces Bluetone Bias Rate meter. It controls and adjusts power tube biases automatically. It also shows with led indicators if power tubes are working. With ABC you can use unmatched power tubes.
– Tremolo 120 €
– Adjustable, unbalanced Line out with xlr-/jack-connector 80 €
– Sping reverb in clean channel 250 €
– Dust cover for cabinet 50 €

These prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.

Here are some sound clips.


80s hard rock:

Metal Rhythm: