Bluetone Ace of Bass Head is 300 W full tube amp for bass players. It`s topology is based partly on Fender Bassman and partlyy to our own design. Amp has an ultra linear 4xKT-120 power amp. KT-120 tubes are pretty new in the market sounding very closely 6550/KT88, but giving double output power compared to those tubes.

Amp is one channel model including normal Volume, Teble, Middle and Bass pots and also a Bright switch + Master Volume. Speaker connections are with mono jacks and Speakon connectors. This amp has an external bias point. With a Bluetone Bias Rate meter it is extremely easy to bias power tubes when changing them. 4xKT-120 version has also an internal fan to cool power tubes.

Price list

– Ace of Bass Head 300 W (4xKT-120) 1850 € with normal tolex
– Ace of Bass Head 300 W (4xKT-120) 1950 € with laquered tweed
– Ace of Bass Head 300 W (4xKT-120) 2100 € with oiled mahogany cabin
– Ace of Bass Head 150 W (2xKT-120) 1650 € with normal tolex
– Ace of Bass Head 150 W (2xKT-120) 1750 € with laquered tweed cabin
– Ace of Bass Head 150 W (2xKT-120) 1900 € oiled mahogany cabin

– Buffered tube effect loop with footswitch 100 €
Bluetone Bias Rate meter 120 € when purchasing amp, otherwise 150 €

Bluetone Auto Bias Control system for power tubes biasing and control (includes meter) 180 €
– Adjustable Line Out with xlr connector 80 €
– Plastic dust cover 50 €

These prices include 24 % VAT and are subject to change without notice.