The Bluetone Bass Ace of Bass II Head is a 4xKT-120 250 W full tube amp for bass players. Its topology is based completely on our own design. It has useful features like active middle EQ with a selectable 3-position mid range control and a foot switchable overdrive section for “Lemmy” sounds. Moreover it contains an adjustable, buffered effects loop with a foot switch and balanced Line Out.

The amp includes the following controls:  Volume, Bright switch, Treble, Middle Level, Middle Range switch, Bass, OD Drive, OD Tone and OD Master and Master Volume. Speaker connections are with mono jacks and Speakon connectors. The amp weighs 18 kg. You can choose the cabinet’s finish according your wishes.

– Ace of Bass II Head with normal tolex 2140 €


  • Dust cover  50 €

All prices include 24 % VAT.